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SALESIANER receives its flagship company certificate for 2020-2021

<strongAustria’s market leader in the rented textiles business segment, SALESIANER MIETTEX, a Vienna-based family owned company, has once again been certified as a flagship Austrian company (Leitbetrieb).

The award was presented to Operations Manager Thomas Hadler by Leitbetriebe Austria Managing Director Monica Rintersbacher. Companies that are able to prove their commitment to long-term business success, innovation and social responsibility by undergoing a rigorous evaluation procedure are then officially recognised as flagship companies or Leitbetriebe.

Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director Leitbetriebe Austria

“SALESIANER MIETTEX is a shining example of how a flagship company meets the criteria. Despite facing intense competition, the company manages to keep a significant portion of its value creation in Austria. Its internal qualification measures are also top-notch,” says Ms Rintersbacher. The company demonstrated the key role it plays in the country’s critical infrastructure particularly during the acute early stages of the coronavirus crisis. “While global supply chains for disposable medical products had all but seized up, SALESIANER MIETTEX was able to guarantee the supply of high quality, hygienic textiles for general hospital operations as well as for intensive care and surgical use every single day. This is something that absolutely needs to be given greater priority in public sector procurement activities, as it really is a matter of life and death.”

Thomas Hadler, Operations Manager at SALESIANER

“We are delighted that we have once again been certified as a flagship company. It demonstrates that SALESIANER does it work well and that we support regional value creation as part of the Austrian business network, boosting Austria’s attractiveness as a centre of economic activity. Despite the challenging times, SALESIANER was able rise above the rest thanks to its reliability and customer focus, reinforcing its position as a reliable partner in the industry. As the market leader in Austria, it is important to exchange ideas with network partners, to learn from other companies and to pass on our own experience. I would like to finish by thanking the entire Leitbetriebe Austria team for their support during the certification process.”

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About Leitbetriebe Austria

Leitbetriebe Austria has been represented flagship companies of the Austrian economy for 30 years. The flagship companies recognised as such following a rigorous evaluation procedure address the pressing challenges of our time with innovative concepts, a consistent focus on long-term business success, and social responsibility. Leitbetriebe Austria offers a unique platform to proactively improve how practical know-how is shared across both industries and state lines.

Together with its certified flagship companies, Leitbetriebe Austria defines milestones for Austria’s long-term development as a place of business

©Text: Leitbetriebe Austria/ SALESIANER

©Bild: Sabine Klimpt

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